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Though Atlanta is her home now, Barbara Griffin Robinson’s heritage is rooted in 5 generations of Californians. There, in her formative years, she became aware of the effect of light in coloring the rolling fog, the dry desert air, the high mountain lakes, and the pounding Pacific surf.

From an early age, she is happiest when her hands are occupied in creating something artistic. Barbara found expression in embroidery, knitting, watercolor, landscaping, cooking, goldsmithing, collage, pottery, stain glass, and pastels. Marrying in her 20’s, she raised two children and gave of her time to community volunteer work with the Junior League and other Atlanta community organizations. She was enticed to become the corporate chef for a regional bank, followed by an entrepreneurial venture in manufacturing fancy foods. Finally, in 1993, she was drawn to find greater personal satisfaction in dedicating her efforts fully to the arts. In painting Barbara discovered the rich buttery texture of oil paints and beautiful glazes. Since 1998 she has shaped her days to devote as much time as possible to development of her painting.

Education in Art

California College of Arts and Crafts, Oakland, CA.
University of California, Berkeley, B.A. in Decorative Arts
Rudolph Schaeffer School of Design, San Francisco
The Parsons School of Design
Chris DiDomizio – Old World Art

Also studied with Rudolph Schaeffer, Peter Voulkos, Ken Wallin,  Sam D’Ambruoso, Mark Chatov, Albert Handel, Craig Strebnik, Armand Cabrera, David Leffel.



  • Atlanta Magazine – May 1990 – Landscaping: Grand Gardens, Minimal Maintenance
  • Atlanta Magazine – May 1996 – Gardening on the Vertical
  • Fine Gardening – Jan/Feb 2001 – Dry Stream Does Double Duty

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Mission Statement

I feel blessed with each added day that God grants me to embrace the beauty of His world on canvas. With the wonderful world of photography, I can sketch and paint the feeling of light on location and then take my smaller canvases back to the studio to finish from photographs. I mix individual palettes of paint with well over six hundred colors for each large painting to catch the values and moods that I feel are needed. I consider the colors that will influence His message and where the impact needs to be to convey this Soul. My primary art teacher, Chris DiDomizio, has provided me with the tools, technique, and inspiration to produce fine art.

Momentary light that happens at the beginning and end of each day is a divine glow. Painting en plein aire is a wonderful technique that allows the artist to capture those moods of ever changing light. While involved in the actual painting process, I feel like a passionate messenger exploding with life, light and emotion. It is very stressful for me to start a large painting but when finished, the artwork is birthed as an independent entity. I no longer feel an involvement in just the canvas but hope that the passion has transitioned to the viewer. My studio paintings take a long time to complete as there are many layers of glazes and drying times for various areas of paints plus time for contemplation. The Counter Balances Between Man and God, the Civilization of Man in God’s World, and Divine Light are the recurring themes in my art. Painting is my hymnal of civilization.

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